What is “become an oocyte donor”

Earn money by helping people realize their dream of a child.

How to become a donor and fulfill someone’s dream

In this case, the main thing is to understand what kind of help you are providing. Having realized and decided to donate, you can safely join those who make happy future parents. You are not required to do anything except desire and meeting the criteria. Having decided on such a step, you can safely consider yourself special – not everyone can give happiness to other people. If you are suitable in all respects and have already become familiar with the stages of the program, you can leave a request and wait for our manager to contact you.

Requirements for oocyte donors:

  • Between 18-31 years of age
  • height from 150 cm
  • no overweight
  • no bad habits
  • no genetic diseases
  • own child


from 35 000 hryvnas in oocyte puncture day

We answered frequently asked questions.

Stages of the donation program:

Sending an application, communicating with a manager, filling out a questionnaire
Appointment for an initial appointment with the clinic, the necessary tests
Drug administration as prescribed
Oocyte capture
Receiving rewards
Remuneration on the day of donation

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