What is “surrogacy”?

We help to carry a child to those who are struggling to do it on their own.

How to become a surrogate mother

First of all, surrogate motherhood requires your own understanding of your important role in creating new life. The woman, who is ready to carry somebody else’s baby and not claim the right on it, can become a surrogate mother and bring happiness to the family, that can’t have children. Surrogate motherhood challenges the nature, allowing prospective parents to have a desired happy family, regardless all the obstacles. You just need to look through the requirements and fill out an application. Our manager will contact you and consult on further actions.

Surrogate Mother Requirements

  • Between 20-36 years of age
  • Having a healthy child
  • Mental and physical health
  • Without excess weight
  • Positive Rh factor
  • Absence of bad habits

Surrogate mother incentives and compensation

from $200 – embryo transfer

from $400 – monthly

Payouts: from $ 16,000

Clothing: $ 300

Travel expenses

Housing in Kiev

We have answered FAQ

5 program stages:

Submitting an application, communicating with a manager, filling out a questionnaire
Appointment for an initial appointment with the clinic, having necessary tests
Preparing for the program
Conduct additional screening and tests
Embryo transfer
Assistance of pregnancy and childbirth
Scheduled visits and examinations, childbirth

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